Portals To Peace: Shrines and Kits

Playful self-discovery for EVERYONE through the art and ritual of shrine making!

Welcome to Portals To Peace! Find everything you want to create your own beautiful spirit home for healing, ritual, meditation, remembrance, party or classroom activity, family or company bonding, home décor or just artistic fun! The kits are individually hand crafted in Southern California using scrap birch wood. They are easy to assemble, and are meant to be painted, embellished, and grown with as a unique portrait of the self. It is a perfect project for children, seniors, women’s groups, or those who have lost pets or loved ones. The downloadable Portals to Peace™ booklet gives history and easy to follow formats for making and using your personal shrine as well as organizing classroom, party, workshop or family gathering. Ask about our discounts in ordering kits for groups.

IMG_20141212_151150 day of dead

Go to the “Contacts” tab or contact Beth directly at portalstopeace@gmail.com to reserve your spot or to book your own private shrine making experience!

“Beth’s shrine making workshop is fun, uplifting, insightful and has helped me tap into my intuition more greatly. Beth is a great facilitator: funny, honest, gifted and welcoming, she brings you into the realm of the sacred with such ease and personability that you may not even realize at the end that she helped you get more in touch with your soul.”  -Zhena Muzyka, Author, Life by the Cup & Creator www.Zhena.TV

“I love the sweet shrines that Beth creates. Gives us lot’s of space for our inner shrine to come out and be designed through her gift. Thanks Beth for helping me design the sacred space in my home for meditation.”  -Hemalayaa Behl

Enjoy! Beth Amine

Debbie Roth for her Grandmother
“After the passing of my grandma, I got my hands on this picture of the two of them in a passionate embracing kiss as teenagers. The picture was the beginning to a love affair, a family and a legacy. The shrine box honors that and I am proud to have been a part of it.” Debbie Roth

Lisa Sanger Blinn for her beloved dog, Holmes.
“My goal with my own shrines is the idea that all that is remembered lives still.” “Using Beth’s shrine kit as my “jumping off” point, I was able to focus on creating a lively memorial that captures the essence of my beloved dog, Holmes. By utilizing pieces of his collars & tags, along with photographs, I’ve eased a great deal of grief by creating a small place where he lives on for us–we need only reflect on the shrine. Thanks so much, Beth, for making this sometimes painful process a joyful & cathartic one!”

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